Below is a listing of the styles of ceremonies I offer. If you do not see what you are after listed here - ask me. You never know, it might be something I am looking at adding to my list of offerings (I'm looking at you Blessing Way Ceremonies!). I also have a large range of wedding decor available, including larger items - such as Americana chairs, gazebos, Bali Flags, and signing table and chairs. Contact me for products and pricing (online list coming soon).

All ceremonies require a 20% deposit to lock in the date, which is non-refundable. Depending on the ceremony type, full payment is required either one or two weeks before the big day. More information will be provided when booking, or can be provided on request.

*Covid-19 Update*

As you would be aware, there are current restrictions on how many people can attend a wedding ceremony. While these restrictions are in place, I am only offering two types of ceremonies- one is a "legals only" ceremony - this is just the bare basic legal words that need to be said and the vows that you may wish to write. A small amount of personalisation can be added, but this will be very limited. This is best suited to those who will have a vow renewal ceremony later, with the big wedding hoorah. If you are wishing to take the "marry now, party later" route, I can work out  a discounted price to perform both your legals only ceremony now and then your renewal ceremony in front of your family and friends later.  This would start at $650.

The other option is what I class as an "elopement" ceremony. This is normally performed with 10 or less guests in attendance, but it also allows you to have more of a personalised ceremony. This could include a more spiritual sit down ceremony, where we bless the path you are both about to take. I think it is important that couples enter a union of marriage in a clear and positive nature. We could include the 5 elements, crystals, sage smudging - whatever you feel aligns with your true selves. This is a nice way to still make your special day still feel... special.

Of course, if you are looking at getting married later in 2020, we can look at the full ceremony option with a Coronavirus clause where we can change the date, or amend the fee amount, if the restrictions aren't lifted in time.

Wedding Ceremonies

A basic wedding package includes help with filling out all the legal paperwork, as well as the submission of the appropriate documentation to the department of Births, Deaths and Marriages. I will create a personalised cermony that is written just for you both with all the special finishing touches that reflect the true love that exists between you. It covers all ceremonies performed within an 80km radius from Beerwah - which covers from Noosa Heads to Brisbane City. It also includes a signing table and chairs, as well as a simple arbour (currently Bali Flags). Additional costs will occur for ceremonies that start beore 8am or finish after 8pm, are outside the 80km zone, or are in a dangerous or obscure location. You can add 24 Americana chairs to this Ceremony, including setup for $100. I can also apply for your official Marriage Certificate from BDM on your behalf for an extra $55. Please contact me for a quote.

"Legals Only" Ceremony

This is similar to what you might have heard called a "registry office" marriage, but it is only for the couple, two witnesses and myself in attendance. The ceremony is a bare basic standard script, with a small amount of personalisation and you are welcome to say your own personalised vows to each other. This service is also applicable for if you wish to have someone else "conduct" the ceremony. I will say the legal wording and sign the paperwork and you can have a friend or family member perform the rest of the Ceremony.

Naming Ceremony

Bringing a child into the world is such a special moment and there is no better way to share this moment with the world, than announcing their name with a Naming Ceremony. It is a non-denominational way to get your family and friends together and create a special memory. Many people do this for the child's first Birthday, but it can be done at any age! There are many aspects we can add to the ceremony and as it is not legally binding - what you wish to include is completely up to you! Wising Wells and Time Capsules are a popular option, as are Candle and Sand ceremonies. Older children and blended families can be included too - which can make the new addition not feel like they are the only center of attention.


Commitment Ceremony

Many couples wish to declare their love without the official and legal side of things and this is where a Commitment Ceremony comes into play! As this is not a legally binding ceremony - you have free reign on what you wish to do (within the legal boundaries of this country and the moral standings of this celebrant!). We can make it can look just like a wedding too, but we do need to announce that it is not a legal proceeding. It can just be the two of you making a promise to each other by a waterfall, down the beach or at a favourite location. The options for this style of ceremony are endless... I'd even consider jumping out of a plane for you!


Renewal of Vows Ceremony

Every great love story needs to be shared and those who are blessed to still be married after 5, 10, 20, 30 odd years should share this love story with those near and dear to them. Popular on anniversaries, many couples choose to re affirm their love to each other with a Renewal of Vows Ceremony. Like a Commitment Ceremony, this is not legally binding - so the world is your oyster with the options you have to choose from. No idea? No worries! That's why I am here - to make your day as special as you both are!

Another reason for this type of ceremony is when a couple is married overseas and wishes to have another wedding in Australia. If an overseas marriage is legally recognised in Australia, then you cannot perform another legal ceremony in Australia. This means no sneaking off to Fiji and eloping and coming back and having a wedding pretending that you were never wed (you can sneak off and elope and come back and tell everyone at the ceremony though!).

This also applies if you had a legals only ceremony during the Coronavirus outbreak and are wishing to have the larger scale Ceremony later - we do need to say that you are already legally married.


Elopement or Spiritual Ceremony 

For those who are just after a more intimate Ceremony, I offer an elopement Ceremony service.  I am happy to perform these from my home in Beerwah - at the base of Mt Coochin, or at a location within 30km (further than this can be considered, but will incur an extra cost). I am also branching out to offer more of a Spiritual blessing style of Ceremony, where we can include all sorts of rituals. I have rugs and cushions we can sit on and you can include crystals, the 5 elements, sage cleansing - most "spiritual" elements will be considered to be included (I do not delve into spells or voodoo). I do not want to put too much of a boundary on this style of ceremony, as I am very excited to work with couples who resonate with me on this and can't wait to explorethis style of setting. It definitely resonates with the Shamanic ceremony that my husband and I had in Peru!

You will still need two witnesses to perform this marriage and also lodge the Notice of Intended Marriage with me one month prior to the nuptials. A maximum of 10 guests can attend this ceremony (preferably only your witnesses for the Spiritual Ceremony). 



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