Blessingway Ceremony

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What does a Blessingway involve?

Based off a traditional Navajo Ceremony, the mother to be is nurtured, and shown the support of her tribe through the gift of beads. Each person attending the Ceremony, brings with them two beads - one for them to turn into a bracelet or necklace to wear themselves, and the other to be turned into a Necklace or Bracelet for the mum to be with all the beads from her tribe.

How do we create a Blessingway Ceremony

From sharing food full of love and energy, to belly painting and  invigorating foot scrubs. Elements that will make up your Blessingway Ceremony, will be defined by what is important to you (or the mum to be that you are gifting the Ceremony to). I can supply you with all the elements to create your own Blessingway, or I can host it for you and lead you through the whole Ceremony.

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