Sacred Ceremonies

Since spirituality has been a huge part of my life, I am coming back to the essence of why I decided to become a Celebrant in the first place - and I am beyond excited to offer Sacred Ceremonies as a part of my services. For me, connecting through soul is an important step in any journey in life - particularly the milestones. Quite often we spend important dates running around, worrying about how everything will come together, that we forget the essence of the purpose of the event.

The idea of the Sacred Ceremonies, is to slow down and feel into the changes about to take place in yours', or someone special's life.

Sacred Connection Ceremony

Connecting you and your partner through rituals and shared energy, a Spiritual Connection Ceremony will leave you feeling more connected on a soul level to your partner. With elements taken from a day spent with a Shaman in Peru, infused with the Spiritual Practices I have learned and intuited over the past 20 years - it is a connective process like no other.

Typically pregnant women are showered with gifts for their bub to be. A Blessingway Ceremony showers the mum to be (or mum to be again) with love and blessings from (typically) the women closest to them. With an undertone of connectedness, support and love, A Blessingway is a beautiful way to nurture a woman into motherhood.