Spiritual Connection Ceremony

From The Beginning

After my husband and I wed in Peru, I realised this style of commitment - where it was just about us, and our souls joining together as one, really wasn't really prominent in Australia.

While I don't profess to be a Shaman, I have been on a spiritual journey of discovery since I was 17 and I have had the pleasure of learning and channelling many rituals and ways to connect to source (universe, god, our higher self - whatever sits well). don't follow any religious or spiritual teachings directly, but take what resonates with me and have zero judgment on what your views, teachings, or beliefs are.  

With Saul, our Shaman only learning  to speak Spanish a few years previous (spoke native Quechuan), and my very poor conversational Spanish... we relied on our senses and physical actions even more. We did have a translator on the wedding day - but our previous meet ups without the translator proved to be entertaining at times (acting out words we didn't quite know how to say). 

When we can't express in words what to say - it is so important our energy expresses it for us.

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The importance of Mother Earth - (Pachamama) and the Mountains (Apus) in our lives are quite evident - in where both our weddings were performed, and where we built our first house. The only block we looked at, sat with Mt Coochin (the furthest North of the Glasshouse Mountains) sitting prominently as the backdrop to the property.. 2 years prior, Saul,  our shaman blessed us with prosperity of a car, children, a house, love, money and a multitude of other blessings. Blessed we were, as all of our divine blessings came true.

Sound Bowls, Sage Smoking Ceremony,, Charka Aligning, Sacred Geometry, Cacao Drinking and of course Crystals  make up some of the elements you may see in you Sacred Connection Ceremony. The environment on our Ceremony Deck Brings in elements of Water, Wood, Metal and Earth and once your Ceremony becomes alive - Fire and Air finish the elemental circle.